What does W.A.P. stand for?

So, my family had brunch at this trendy restaurant in our neighborhood this past weekend.

The food was great, but the education I got set my brain on fire.

In the course of networking over the past three weeks, I have heard time after time, comments about age.

Many positions want candidates with experience. But, too much experience carries potential disadvantages that no prospective employer would admit to but are considered:

- The salary expectations are higher

- The healthcare cost to the firm are higher

* The candidate may not be in synch with current <fill in the blank>

So, I have always thought that I am mature but certainly not old.

Then, this weekend, I did not know what a particular acronym embedded in the decor of the restaurant meant.


I won't spell it out here, if you don't know, Google the lyrics of the insanely popular Cardi B song.

When I figured it out I blushed crimson under my dark chocolate skin (I'm sure). In the family group text, I reasoned that I did not know because I primarily listen to NPR in the car and do not ever hear the explicit versions of popular tracks.

My husband let me know that NPR actually aired a conversation about the 2020 song:

Well, then.

Okay, okay - so I am not in synch with the lyrical emancipation of female sexuality.

*But does this mean that I can't successfully work with people who are?!


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